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Supply Chain Management.
E.M.S. Logistics is proud to offer a full and complete Supply Chain Management service, using various third and fourth party sub-contracted suppliers, many of whom are known personally to us and with whom we have personal long standing relationships.

What is Supply Chain Management?
There are many differences of opinion and view points on exactly what Supply Chain Management is but to put it in simple terms it is the practise of providing an end-to-end Logistics solution that provides clear and precise data feeds to all parties within the supply chain, including those up and down the chain.

Key supply chain values may be:


  1. Low end user prices and percentages of the supply chain cost.

  2. End user metrics necessary

  3. Analysis of where to buy time to cut overall cycle.

  4. Shared management and collaborative planning amongst trading partners

  5. Visibility of usage, inventories and shipments.

Measure of success
Businesses today need to develop and manage metrics so that they can measure targets and order success rates, at the same time we must measure satisfaction of the consumers of our service.

We are building platforms to allow ease of access to data from all parts of the supply chain that we control.  When you use European Maritime Services Ltd,  you can rest in the knowledge that we have the ability to output the data you need,  when you need it;. having sat down with you at the outset of the contract we will have pre-determined your key requirements and metrics.  We currently provide a platform for warehouse users, it provides data delivery automatically as transactions take place – each hour, day, week or month. The requirements are set up at the outset and like clockwork, it works.

Please take a look at the services offered as part of our Supply Chain Management and then call us at your convenience, we look forward to being of service.

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