A cryptic comment Trudeau speaking at an Ottawa conference. A bit of USD/CAD selling on the headline [...]

Mohammed El-Erian is in the running to be a Fed governor Former PIMCO co-CIO Mohammed El-Erian is ou [...]

Buyers below 0.8750 notable today 19 March I've mentioned the price action, and impact across i [...]

The break felt good for the bulls but there is a concern for the bulls There was positive news out o [...]

Christian Bittar once earned $126 million in a year Former star trader Christian Bittar pleaded guil [...]

UAE energy minister repeating previous comments 19 March The stance is taken as read but what happen [...]

It's a leading indicator The Belgians are feeling better about the economy and that's good [...]

Irish foreign minister  and deputy PM Coveney out tweeting 19 March Easy to understand. EU have thei [...]

Some bullish technical reasons... Bitcoin is looking a little better today.  Here is why... Bitcoin [...]

Report says US could be leaning towards NAFTA compromise The Canadian Press newswire is out with a w [...]

UK business lobby group out with their thoughts 19 March Common sense/climb-down/negotiating necessi [...]

Facebook in the news Facebook stock is down  over -$9 at the opening on the back of news of election [...]

Can the broken trend line hold. The USDJPY has had a down and up session today. The run lower earlie [...]

Bitcoin has rebounded today It was a volatile weekend for Bitcoin as it fell more than 10% only to p [...]

BOJ governor Kuroda out on the wires 19 March - doesn't expect protectionism to spread globally [...]

Here's the larger option expiries today for the 10.00 EST cut 19 March Further to Eamonn's [...]

Back in the middle of the range after swing area holds The EURUSD technicals have pivoted back to th [...]

May hike? The big news today is that the European Union said it has agreed to a transition deal with [...]

UK's British Chambers of Commerce with their first thoughts 19 March - agreement is sufficient [...]

Euro hits the best levels of the day The euro caught a quick bid after Reuters reported that ECB pol [...]

USD is mostly higher vs the major currencies The GBP is the strongest currency of the day on increas [...]

The euro is also liking the tone of the latest Brexit draft 19 March Barnier/Davis now into Q&A [...]

EU head Brexit negotiator continuing with press conf 19 March - ntg is agreed until everything is ag [...]

ECB sources cited by Reuters - Policymakers shifting debate to steepness of rate path as doves accep [...]

EU Brexit negotiator Barnier begins long-awaited press conference 19 March - much of the treaty is n [...]

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