Reserve Bank of New Zealand Assistant Governor/GM Economics, Financial Markets and Banking Christian [...]

US Secretary of state Pompeo says the US will take every action consistent with its sanctions to pre [...]

This via a Reuters interview with the fund manager, forthright comments on yield curve inversion fro [...]

The minutes of the Reserve Bank of Australia August meeting were released yesterday. Since the meeti [...]

Forex news for NY trading on August 20, 2019 In other markets: - Spot gold is up $11.76 or 0.79% at [...]

Good morning, afternoon and evening all. Any charts, technical analysis, trade ideas, thoughts, view [...]

Comments via TD on gold and what to expect ahead of and after Fed Chair Powell speaking on Friday (1 [...]

Head of the San Francisco Federal Reserve branch Mary Daly: - does not think the US is headed toward [...]

The Reuters survey of analysts had the expected draw at 1.9 million barrels  Figures for the private [...]

For Wednesday 21 August 2019  There is a Federal Reserve speaker, Quarles (member of the Board of Go [...]

Selling into the close The  US stock indices are going out near the lows for the day as  selling int [...]

This is the private survey day for oil inventory levels, official government data follows Wednesday [...]

Morgan Stanley on the mood in markets Risk trades are a bit lower today but the market has been in a [...]

Momentum keeps fading around the 100 hour MA Nevertheless, the pair has been keeping more of a beari [...]

Consultations on government to start tomorrow afternoon If you're looking for stable government [...]

Tough to imagine he could do it Now that Democrats have the House it's going to be tough to do [...]

Oil higher today after erasing earlier drop It's a back-and-forth kinda market at the moment. A [...]

SocGen on the euro Societe Generale Research flags a scope for EUR/USD and GBP/JPY to edge lower low [...]

ANSA report Lively times in Italian politics. ForexLive [...]

Snapshot of the changes. The NY morning (and into the early afternoon) has boosted the GBP and weake [...]

Low after earlier spike, remained above the 100 hour MA Earlier today, the price raced up to the are [...]

What's moving markets Tuesday Angela Merkel was behind some late volatility in the FX market, w [...]

Mark Carney will be leaving at the end of January 2020 Carney has postponed his leaving twice alread [...]

Major indices end the session down The European major stock indices have given up their gains and mo [...]

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