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Logistics & Supply Chain Management – Efficient Multimodal Solutions

We are European Maritime Services Ltd,  talented Supply Chain professionals with a passion for helping businesses of all sizes transform their ideas into functional and effective logistics processes.   Technology leads the way and so we are developing simple user friendly websites using a variety of software to provide secure, scalable web based solutions that work on all devices, allowing mobile workers and executives to keep abreast of stock and KPI’s whilst on the move


We offer a full portfolio of freight & consultancy services, which have a global reach.
 Benefits to your business:

  * Robust implementation programme

  * Ongoing cost-saving initiatives

  * Network and load optimisation capacities

  * Open market supplier base

  * Open or closed book options

  * Profit sharing


The image and success of our Company will be determined by the competence and attitude of its employees.

All employees have one common goal: service excellence in their chosen trades.

Our philosophy is driven by our desire to provide a service whereby you do not have to ask. We our developing our systems and services in order to provide you, as a customer, with the data that you need before you need to ask for it.

We carry out our business on a ‘first time right’ basis, each and every time you chose to work with us.


Some forwarders go a little further, offering a full Supply Chain Solution and we are one such company that would be happy to structure this arrangement for you on an open book basis.  Either with an agreed margin or a set management fee where volume contracts are involved.

Our expertise and knowledge extends to all corners of the Logistics & Warehousing arena, with some operations staff, including the M.D. having extensive knowledge of software systems.  We gained our knowledge having worked both for and with large multi-national companies throughout our careers.

It is our aim to provide a one stop option for those that require it.  We want to provide choice and not merely offer an Import or Export clearance service, or perhaps trucking or warehousing only. We will truly extend the reach of service to such areas as Export Packing, Letter of Credit Drafting & DGSA services, to name but a few.


We are well aware that in order to provide clients with an unrivalled and competitive service, we are only as good as the partners we chose.

Our partnerships extend way back and belong with the staff, as well as the company. The management and staff have been blessed over the years having worked for some of the largest companies in the world, from massive industrial conglomerates from Switzerland to global trading institutions & banks from all corners of the globe.

Our foundation is from the ground up, just like a whole host of former and current clients, some of whom are industrial mining giants.

We have solid relationships from our past with clients and service providers. We forge lasting relationships. All overseas partners are long established with solid financial and logistics backgrounds – known to us personally.


Cloud based infrastructure is very much a focus today, without it we all need to work harder.

International movements require a rapid flow of information in order to guarantee the success of a given task, which is why we invest in cloud systems.

Our aim is to work smarter not harder and we want the same for all customers and suppliers. Therefore, all of our systems are cloud based, but one and we are working towards switching this over soon.

Data emanates from within our systems and we will bring this to one common area to allow clients access and visibility; it will include a document repository.

Although relatively new the experience of the share holders and M.D. extends to over forty years within the Shipping & Warehousing sectors. We have been involved with and operated within the terminal markets and covered such sectors as FCMG, Chemicals, Metals, Energy, Softs & Scrap, we hold a great wealth of knowledge and experience.

We have extensive knowledge in operating Customs & Excise approved warehouses, beside the usually general goods operation and our knowledge of Customs is wide an varied, including R.E.D.S. [Wet Goods].


Transparency & visibility is rightfully a monthly agenda item in most boardrooms and you can rest assured that the management of EMS Logistics share the same concerns surrounding Corporate governance & Health & Safety.

We will provide systems that allow clear audits; using only reliable, robust and secure systems that can be accessed anywhere and at anytime by those approved and authorised for use.


Over the coming months, EMS Logistics will be implementing systems integration of its Warehouse, Freight Management & Document Repository systems in order to provide access to all key data.

The end result will provide a work place for all current & historical data, in one place, using a clear graphical dashboard defining your KPI’s and allowing document retrieval.


Hit the contact button on the bottom right of the screen and arrange an appointment for us to call by and visit or send a message and request that we call you back. We want to work with you!

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