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Customs_blueLiverpool Customs Formalities
All merchandise moving through the E.U. borders is subject to strict Customs control.  Controls such as R.E.A.C.H., Anti-Dumping, Import Quotas, Licensing and Port Health.  Too much to think about?  We can help, it really isn’t that difficult and with the correct assistance, it’s a walk in the park!

We use an online software suite which directly links your cargo to the live Customs system [CHIEF], so your entry data is always current.  Your cargo details are uploaded to the Customs system via the DTI link which ensures that your declaration meets all of the necessary requirements so as to ensure that you are compliant with both U.K. & E.U. regulation.  There can be a lot to consider such as health certificates, the tariff itself for your products, taxes: customs and or excise duty and vat, to name but a few.  Depending upon your business and its processes you may also require IPR declarations. CHIEF takes care of all of these requirements without stress, hassle or fuss – the only thing you have to consider is how to get the taxes outstanding paid!

Customs Freight Simplified Procedure. This method of clearance should suit traders that have frequent movements. It provides immediate release of your goods from controlled environments for onward movement. The system is an approved accounting system operated through HMRC. It provides greater control of your goods and finances and when operated correctly can aid your cash flow. Read more by clicking the link below.

Supplementary declaration, what’s it about?

Conversely, when the need to remove [declare] goods leaving the U.K. borders,  for either the E.U. or a third country, our team can assist with all certification, including consular documentation,  to ensure that the appropriate documentation is issued correctly prior to cargo movement and thus meeting all of the National Export System requirements.

There are a lot of things to consider,  including Fiscal Representation, if you do not have a presence in the U.K. or the E.U.  We can help in this regard and act as your Fiscal Representative;  there are formalities to complete and in some instances guarantees to be underwritten,  but we can help you make this a easier as it is an automated process using our systems.

We can arrange VAT applications, complete VAT returns and deal with HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

Intrastat:   What is it?
system_docs_from_wwwIf you struggle to classify your EU Arrivals & Exports,  or collate invoices for presenting your figures to HMRC,  we can help.  We will assist you in restructuring your documentation presentation process and help you systemise it,  using our web-based processes or providing you with your own.  This will allow you to easily classify and lodge your monthly intra-state declarations with ease.

processflowSmooth Process Flows:
System streamlining and process flow is how we are shaping our company.  We don’t want to waste your time or money on data-entry and whilst we are always happy to take a fee for our services we want you to recognise that we are building better systems so that we can do more for less;  whilst not only maintaining our standard but improving productivity and providing real value for your money!

So how will we do it?  We will write quick and easy import modules to allow easy up-loading to front, middle and back-end systems which will then feed seamlessly not only into the DTI system but any other.

We complete this action through planning and due diligence at the outset; to ensure that correct mapping takes place and allows all internal systems and inter-faces to read the data using a variety of options, such as XML, CSV or even simple excel files along with others.  The choice is yours.

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