Recycled Waste & Scrap


We handling, store and ship recycled waste & metal scrap of all nature.

The facility, based at Liverpool, is a little under 3 miles from Liverpool Port container terminal and is located on the main thoroughfare to both the M57, M58 & M62 motorways.   We handle all products and have separate sectors within the facility.

palstic scrap

Waste products provide a huge market for export business, both plastic and paper form a large contingent of the export trade when it comes to waste products, alongside the growing market of RDF [Refuse Derived Fuel].

scrap paperWASTE PAPER
We take care of storage, handled and shipping of many types of waste and scrap products. This is a growing market that continues to evolve and provide interesting leads to old and new markets alike.

We offer an Ex.Works service[EXW] and a reverse logistics distribution service for these high volume low value cargoes.

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