Ferrous & Non Ferrous Metals


We can arrange both Import & Export clearance of your goods, via our own Customs DTI link.   Our system is web based and so we are able to view status reports concerning cargo progress at anytime and anywhere, day or night.

We offer heavy lifting and handling facilities alongside both internal and external storage.

The handling facilities at the warehouse, based less than 3 miles from the Port of Liverpool, offer a lifting capacity of up to 42mts.  The truck has quick release mechanisms to allow for easy changing [within 15 minutes] of the different types of apparatus attachments.  The facility is less than 1 mile to the entrance of the M57 & M58, providing onward access to the M62 and M6.  

Liverpool has for the minute had its day where large volumes of Non-Ferrous metals are concerned but we still see smaller volumes trafficked across the gateway.   Aluminium, Nickel & Copper frequent the location but never in the volumes once experienced.  

Our experience in primary metal management is at the very heart of who we are and where we come from and so we still hold space available for the safe handling and keeping of Non-ferrous products.

Presently the facilities are not Customs approved, however over the coming months Customs warehouse approval will be sought along side that of AEO status.  

We place a large emphasis on attaining the correct approvals from the relevant authorities and you can rest assured that when we do something, we do it correctly and in keeping with out motto “First time right”!

We offer a reverse logistics and standard distribution service.   We use a variety of sub-contractors with whom we have a long standing relationship and have worked with many of them throughout our careers.   All sub-contractors and suppliers are well established companies with good standing reputations.

We ensure that we visit all suppliers, primarily for the purpose of our own security and insurance but also to ensure we meet and know who we are dealing with. We obtain copies of G.I.T. insurance to ensure continuity of cover is maintained.

For further details and rates hit the Contact Button on the bottom right of the screen and send us your enquiry.   Alternatively give us a call or schedule an appointment using the appointment scheduler on the contact tab.

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